Buying medicines on the internet

Posted by Wormers-direct on 15th Jan 2020

Buying medicines on the internet

Here is an extract of the current text on the VMD’s website regarding the newly introduced Accredited Internet retailer Scheme. We at are delighted to be included on that list as we have always strived to maintain not only a great customer service but one that works within all legislation and codes of conduct. As we are totally committed to such a course of action we ask you to bear with us when filling in your order forms for our SQP’s to scrutinise.

“The Accredited Internet Retailer Scheme is the VMD's way of facilitating self-regulation by UK based internet retailers selling veterinary medicines. It is a response to concerns about the increase in the number of internet retailers and the extent to which they comply with the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR). Whilst the majority of websites based in the UK are run by qualified professionals, some sites breach the VMR by selling veterinary medicines:

without the advice of a veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or Suitably Qualified Person

that are not authorised for use in animals in the UK.

The VMD is issuing internet retailers who have met the accreditation scheme's requirements with a logo to indicate their accreditation. Internet retailers can then display the logo on their website, containing a unique number. Customers can confirm accreditation by clicking on the logo to access the internet retailer database on the VMD's website.

The VMD's Accredited Internet Retailer Scheme will help you as an on-line buyer of veterinary medicines by:

showing you that the retailer has voluntarily applied for and has been granted accreditation

confirming that the VMD has inspected the website and found that it complies with the Accreditation Scheme's requirements and the Veterinary Medicines Regulations

reducing the risk of you buying unauthorised veterinary medicines

reducing the risk of you buying inappropriate or ineffective veterinary medicines for your animals.”

By clicking here you will be taken to our home page and the VMD accreditation logo is on the right hand side of the page, click it to view our individual accreditation

SH Wetherald E-SQP