Horse Worm Test Kits

Horse worm test kits are also known as faecal worm egg counts and provide information which will help our SQP's to advise you on an overall horse health plan including worming when necessary. Worm egg counts can help to identify those horses that have a burden and are the heavier shedders of infective larvae on the equestrian pasture.  

The results are measured in EPG (eggs per gram) which indicates the actual level of worm eggs found. A count of less than 200 EPG would be considered a low count and would suggest that your worming measures are sufficient. A count between 200 EPG and 1200 EPG would be considered a medium count indicating the horse requires some attention and perhaps an overall treatment strategy. If the count is a over 1200 EPG it is classed as a high count and that the horse should be treated without haste and a management and worming strategy put in place.