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Meet The Team


Sophie Scott

Wormers-Direct Manager QE40239

Sophie breeds Dartmoor ponies with 11 currently keeping her busy, Sophie’s passion for ponies began at an early age with her mum being a breeder, it was only natural that Sophie would follow in her footsteps. Since leaving school Sophie has worked in equine retail dealing with both online and face to face customers, advising of product suitability. At Wormers-Direct Sophie processes all online orders, takes telephone enquiries and oversees the purchasing and buying functions for the wormers-direct website and Rabbit Hill Country Store. She is a qualified Equine and Companion SQP and an advisor of our own brand of herbal supplements.     



Gemma Fisher

Rabbit Hill Country Store Manager QE33086

Gemma has over 10 years’ experience of working in pet and animal retail. Since 2017, Gemma has worked on-site managing our very own Rabbit Hill Country Store, advising on over 2,000 product lines including animal feeds, pet accessories, plants and seeds and equestrian clothing. Gemma is qualified by AMTRA as an SQP for Equine and Companion, advising on a daily basis both over-the-counter and online on the health and welfare of your best friend. The love of her life (apart from her hubby) is Ulfer a 5 year old Lurcher. Ulfer’s  favourite past-times are sleeping, cuddles and playing with toys.



Sharon Clayton

Rabbit Hill Country Store Assistant QG16681

Born and bred on an Upland-Dales farm with sheep and a suckler herd, Sharon’s love of farm animals was formed at an early age. She was gifted a Shetland pony at the age of 2 called Paul who kept her on her toes and taught her how to care for horses. Working in a veterinary practice for over 15 years, Sharon has acquired a wealth of knowledge of animal care and welfare, whilst dealing with pet owners on a daily basis. Sharon has 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 rescue hedgehogs, the hedgehogs are momentoes of volunteering at a hedgehog rescue. Sharon is a qualified farm and equine SQP working with wormers-direct and our retail outlet, Rabbit Hill Country Store.