Horse Treats Buying Guide

Posted by wormers-direct on 19th Oct 2023

Horse Treats Buying Guide

Most owners like to give their horses treats as a reward for good behaviour, and they are a great way to show your horse they are loved and appreciated. They should always be fed as an addition to a well-rounded diet, and as recommended by the manufacturer’s guidelines. When it comes to shopping for horse treats, there are so many options to choose from, getting the right ones for your horse can be a minefield. Let’s have a look at some of the different types of horse treats so you can choose the perfect match for your horse.

The Role of Horse Treats

Horse treats are simply a treat, and they are often used to help develop a stronger bond between you and your horse. Most horse owners like to give their horse a treat immediately after catching them to encourage easy catching! “Carrot stretches’ are also often recommended by physiotherapists to help horses remain supple. They can be performed using any type of treat though, not specifically carrots. Another use of treats for horses is to hide medication in them.

Types of Horse Treats

Usually it takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect treat for your horse, as they all have different taste buds, much like humans. Luckily most of the treats we sell do come in smaller pack sizes too, so you can test them out with your horse. Horse treats are made from a variety of different main ingredients including oats, bran, beet pulp and more. Just be careful feeding oat-based treats as you don’t want the oats to go to their heads!

Customer favourites:

There are lots of treats that fly out of our premises on a regular basis, particularly those which are minty or apple flavoured. NAF Minty Treats, Baileys Tasty Treats, Spillers Treats, Equimins Treats and of course the most popular Stud Muffins are always a firm favourite for most horses.

Stud Muffins Horse Treats

Low starch/sugar treats:

For those horses or ponies who don’t require the extra calories but still need a treat every now and again, there are some great low starch/sugar horse treats on the market. These are often a bit smaller too, and easily fit into your pocket for rewarding your horse or pony during training. Our favourites include Emerald Green Tasty Treats, Saracen Munchies, Thunderbrook Equestrian Healthy Herbal Treats, Equilibrium Crunchits, and Global Herbs Herbal Treats.

Emerald Green Tasty Treats

Supplemented treats:

Some treats do more than just taste nice, they actually have supplements integrated into them in order to keep your horse healthy. These types of horse treats are better for horses that are fussy eaters, and our top picks are Super Supplement Super Tasty Herb Sticks, Coligone Treats and Dodson & Horrell Equi Bites.

Dodson & Horrell Equi-Bites

Uniquely flavoured treats:

So many new flavours and ingredients have popped up in the world of horse treats in recent years including banana, fenugreek, mango and more! Some of the ingredients have great health benefits too, here are our favourites: Leoveties Horse Treats,Likit Snaks, Stud Muffins Celebration CakeEquilibrium Simply Irresistible.

Equilibrium Simply Irresistible

Horse treats can be a great addition to your horse’s daily routine, just make sure you feed them in moderation or you could end up with a hyper horse or one that bites you a lot! Feel free to shop the rest of our horse treats online at Wormers-Direct.