A Guide To Dog Supplements

Posted by wormers-direct on 7th Aug 2023

A Guide To Dog Supplements

Dog supplements… they are everywhere you look. With so much conflicting information about what supplements you should be feeding your pooch in order to keep them healthy, we thought we would break it down for you in this handy guide. Before looking at the benefits of giving dogs supplements, let’s have a quick look at what dog supplements actually are.

Supplements ensure that your pet has everything it needs nutritionally to live a long, healthy life. They are classed as anything you feed to your dog alongside his normal diet in order to enrich it further. It is worth noting that not all supplements are created equal, many have additional fillers in them to bulk out the weight. A good dog supplement contains active ingredients to provide your dog with essential nutrients they may not otherwise receive from their diet.

Benefits of Dog Supplements

There is a huge variety of supplements on the market for dogs, all of which provide a range of benefits. Whether you have an older dog who needs some extra support with his joints, a dog with digestive problems, or you just feel your dog’s coat & skin could be healthier, there is a supplement for everything!

In order for a supplement to be effective, it has to contain what is called an ‘active ingredient’. Glucosamine is a great example of an active ingredient, and is regularly found in joint supplements for dogs. Some other active ingredients you may have heard of include:

  • Chondroitin - this prevents cartilage from deteriorating
  • MSM - this helps to reduce joint pain
  • Hyaluronic acid - this can increase the viscosity of synovial fluid (the fluid between the joints), aiding with lubrication

BETTALife Canine Pharmaquin Joint Complete

BETTALife Canine Pharmaquin Joint Complete is the perfect joint supplement for dogs as it contains zero fillers and high levels of Glucosamine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid. The perfect supplement for working dogs to help support their joints.

Choosing The Right Dog Supplement

It can be incredibly overwhelming when trying to choose the right supplement for your dog, so here are some basic rules to stick to. You want a supplement that is:

  1. Rich in active ingredients
  2. Free of fillers (which have no nutritional value)
  3. Are bioavailable (easy to digest)
  4. Safe for regular use
  5. Effective, and does what it says

If you are looking to improve your dog’s digestion, something like YuMOVE Digestive Care for Dogs is a great option. It comes in the form of a tasty tablet, and has a simple ingredients list: Beta Glucans, Enterococcus faecium E1707, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Mannan-oligosaccharides. While those ingredients may not mean anything to you, the more technical terms are often the active ingredients. Fillers include things like cellulose, potato, beet pulp and melamine so watch out for those on dog supplement labels.

YuMOVE Digestive Care for Dogs

Of course when choosing a dog supplement you should always check the packaging to ensure the product has been reviewed & approved by a veterinary authority, or appropriate regulatory body. This ensures both the safety and the effectiveness of the supplement.

Types of Dog Supplements

Supplements for dogs can come in an array of colours and sizes, some are pills, some are in powder form. There really are so many different options! When choosing a supplement to give to your dog, you should consider your dog’s preferences. Does he love his food? A powdered supplement would work well. Is he a fussy eater? A supplement that looks like a treat may be a better choice.

It is also worth remembering that there are supplements available that serve many different purposes with dogs too, so bear in mind the benefit you want to give your dog. There are joint supplements aimed specifically at senior dogs, like VetSpec Senior. This contains high levels of glucosamine to help with aging joints.

Vetspec Senior

Then you have supplements such as the Golden Paste Company Turmeric Capsules for Pets, which contains a unique blend of turmeric, flax seed and piperine, to enhance the bioavailability of turmeric. This is useful for supporting overall joint health, general well-being, aids digestion and helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Again, a prime example of a supplement that contains no bulking agents or fillers.

Golden Paste Company Turmeric Capsules for Pets

If you are solely focused on improving the condition of your dog’s coat and skin, we recommend the Phytopet Thuja Tablets 30 C. These are used to treat skin conditions including oily or dry skin, warts and sarcoids, itchy scurf and even fungus around your dog’s nails.

Phytopet Homeopathic Thuja Tablets

Dog Supplements vs Dog Vitamins

You may also be wondering about the difference between dog supplements and dog vitamins… don’t panic, we will explain it all!

So, supplements are anything your dog might eat that contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds to promote health. Vitamins are the key ingredients your dog needs in order to function day-to-day, and are usually found in their feed. In essence, supplements are a ‘health boost’ that are fed alongside your dog’s normal diet. Supplements also contain active ingredients which aren’t usually found in dog feed.

Some of the key vitamins dogs need to stay healthy are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. Next time you buy your dog feed, have a look at the label and make sure your dog isn’t missing out on any of the essentials.


We hope this article has helped to inform you about what dog supplements are, and the range available to help support your dog to have a healthy, active life. Remember to always read the ingredients list carefully when choosing a dog supplement, and steer clear of anything that contains fillers.

If you would like any help choosing the right supplement for your dog, please feel free to contact our expert team on 01423 806627.