A Guide To Buying Cat Accessories

Posted by wormers-direct on 21st Sep 2023

A Guide To Buying Cat Accessories

Whether you are a first-time cat owner or have had cats in your life for years, taking care of their needs is incredibly important. However, when there are so many different cat accessories on the market it can be really hard to know which ones to choose from. Which ones satisfy both the playful needs of your cats, and those derived from their natural instincts? Let’s have a look at some of the top cat accessories you need in your home.

1. Bowls

Best to start with the basics so we don’t miss anything! You will need two cat bowls, as cats often dislike having drinking and feeding bowls too close to each other. This is because the cat’s instinct is extremely strong - if the water smells like food, it shouldn’t be drunk as it may contain bacteria from decaying food. So clever (but also incredibly annoying as a cat owner!). Ideally you need cat bowls that don’t carry odour easily, are easy to wash and don’t move all over the place while your cat is drinking or eating.

2. Food

As you probably already know, cats are carnivores and therefore require a diet that contains a high percentage of meat. Think about how active your cat is, and how old it is before choosing cat food. There are lots of experts (including your vet) who will be able to help you choose the right food for your cat if you are struggling. We have a wide range of cat food available at Wormers-Direct for you to have a browse through.

3. Litter tray & litter

Every cat needs its own toilet, and it is really important that the litter tray is neat and filled with fresh litter on a regular basis. Cats are quite clean-conscious animals, so the tidier you can keep their litter tray the better. The litter tray should also be large enough for the cat to turn around and have a dig in!

4. A lair / house

Although cats love to play, they also spend a lot of time asleep and therefore need a soft, cosy bed to lie in. While your cat may happily fall asleep on the sofa or bed, they still need their own place they feel safe in. Shop our wide range of cat beds online at Wormers-Direct.

5. Scratcher

Most people think a cat-scratcher is a toy, but actually they are necessary to satisfy a cat’s primary need. By scratching, a cat can sharpen its claws, mark its territory, exercise its muscles and also relieve tension. If you don’t provide a cat with a scratcher it will carry out these activities on furniture throughout your house!

6. Toys

Toys are great for stimulating the senses of your cat, as well as satisfying the need to chew and rub. There are endless cat toys to choose from, and sometimes it is a case of trial and error to see what your cat prefers. Feel free to have a browse through our range of cat toys today.

7. Shelves & steps

Finally, specially designed shelves and steps provide great stimulation for cats, helping to satisfy their instinct to climb. Cats like to climb to high places, particularly as they can see more from a greater height. Providing steps and shelves can really help to encourage your cat to move more.

We hope this guide to cat accessories has given you some inspiration. These will all help to ensure the healthy development of your cat.