What To Wear For Horse Riding

Posted by wormers-direct on 19th Dec 2023

What To Wear For Horse Riding

If you are just starting out in horse riding, and are thinking about having regular riding lessons, then you are in the right place! Knowing what to wear for horse riding is essential for both safety and comfort, so we have put together this guide to help you.

Before we get started on all the technical gear you will need, the first thing to be mindful of is that the clothing you wear should be comfortable and not too thick. It is always best to wear thin layers that you can then take off when you get warm, rather than being stuck in thick clothing that you struggle to move in!

Jodhpurs or Breeches

You don’t have to start riding with the full list, but if you are planning on riding regularly then it is worth investing in a couple of pairs of jodhpurs or breeches to keep you comfortable in the saddle. There is nothing worse than riding with bottoms that are too baggy or are made from rough materials that could potentially rub the horse you are riding.

Rhinegold Essential Jodhpurs

Riding Boots

The next thing to consider is a sturdy pair of riding boots. You don’t want anything too grippy, such as hiking boots, as these will get stuck in the stirrups. It is also important to find some footwear that has a small heel as this reduces the chance of your foot sliding out of the stirrup. It all depends on the riding school you are attending, they may allow you to wear trainers for the first couple of times until you can purchase something more suitable.

Jodhpur boots and paddock boots are usually the best things to start with, and then once you are happy with those you could always look at investing in a pair of long riding boots (particularly for the winter months).

Gallop Equestrian Elegance Leather Paddock Zip Jodhpur Boot


After a couple of riding lessons, you may find that the skin on your hands is starting to hurt from gripping the reins. This is completely normal, particularly as your hands won’t be used to riding regularly. Gloves are an easy solution, and with so many different colours and styles to choose from you are bound to find a pair you love. Nowadays there are even touchscreen horse riding gloves so you can take photos of your favourite riding school horse after you have ridden, without getting chilly hands!

Mark Todd ProTouch Winter Gloves

Riding Hat

Safety is incredibly important when riding horses, no matter whether you are a beginner or competing at top level. It is still a long way to fall, and you can do some serious damage in the process! Although a riding hat may seem like an expensive purchase, you really can’t put a price tag on your safety (particularly when it comes to your head!). There are lots of different levels of protection with hats now, so check with your riding school as to which standards they require you to have. This will affect their insurance policy so it’s important to ask them!

Champion Revolve Vent-Air MIPS Jockey Helmet

Body Protector

If you are having a jumping lesson, or even if you are a little concerned about falling off and want to protect yourself, a body protector is a wise purchase. When it comes to purchasing body protectors it is really important to get fitted correctly, as one that is too large will bang on the saddle, and one that is too small will provide inadequate protection. The best body protector you can go for is something that is lightweight so you will barely notice that you have it on.

Champion Titanium Ti22 Adults Body Protector

Ask Your Riding School

It is a really good idea to ask your riding school for suggestions on what to wear for your horse riding lessons, as you may be able to borrow certain items from them. They will often provide riding hats, but as these are worn by multiple people daily you might prefer to take your own. Remember to check the safety standards your hat needs to be though, the standards are changing on a regular basis so it is hard to know exactly what you need unless you are an experienced horse person.

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