Worming donkeys

Posted by Wormers-direct on 16th Jan 2020

Worming donkeys

There is a limited range of worming products available for worming donkeys on the UK market. Here is a list of those products currently licensed for donkey treatment and available from

Brand namePackage declaration
Panacur Equine GuardHorses and other equines
Panacur Equine GranulesDonkeys and horses
Panacur Equine PasteHorses and other equines
Telmin PasteDonkeys and horses
Telmin GranulesDonkeys and horses
EqvalanDonkeys and horses
Strongid P GranulesDonkeys and horses
Strongid P Paste Donkeys and horses
Pyratape PHorses and other equines

As in the case of treating horses you must be competent to do so before administering animal medicines such as wormers to donkeys. The products selected for use should be chosen on the same grounds as you would do so for other equines which means taking in all the factors involved, and developing a worming strategy suitable to the environment and pertaining circumstances. 

Although the range of licensed products for donkeys is more limited than for horses, there is still a range which will enable you to plan over a longer period without over reliance on any one chemical group.  It is worth remembering that there are products in the above list that have different brand names, but are in fact the same active ingredients and certain products will treat for a broader spectrum of parasites when used at higher doses.  Here at we are on hand to help in fine tuning or organising any such plan.