Wormers-Direct Horse Herb Subscription Service

Posted by Wormers-direct on 7th Oct 2021

Wormers-Direct Horse Herb Subscription Service

In response to our customer feedback we understand that many people struggle to remember to reorder their horse herb supplements which is why we introduced our herb subscription service.

You can now subscribe to all products in our herb range to receive them monthly or quarterly to ensure you don’t run out when approaching busier periods in the year.

Not only will subscribers receive a discount when they subscribe to their chosen herb, but our team are also always on hand to provide tailored advice and horse care tips too.

All our horse herbs are specially blended to reach the highest level of purity possible which ensures they effectively carry out their specific treatment need.

To subscribe to a herb, simply check it out on our website and instead of doing a one off purchase choose the option to subscribe for your desired frequency and we will handle the rest.

You will be billed for your subscription monthly or quarterly on the same date that you place your initial order and all subsequent deliveries will be made to the same address we are provided with from the first order.

If you need to pause your subscription for a little while for any reason, we offer a freeze function which will stop the next months or quarters batch being sent and payment being taken. The subscription will then resume as normal unless you decide to freeze again.

To learn more about the herb subscription give our team a call on 01423 332134 or email us at and we will be happy to help.