Which horse rugs should you consider during the winter months?

Posted by Wormers-direct on 9th Dec 2020

Which horse rugs should you consider during the winter months?

As we get deeper into winter, many horse owners fall into the trap of thinking they need to immediately put the heaviest possible rug on their horse to keep them warm. This has been proven to be incorrect, and it can in fact do more harm than good to your horse.

In addition, it is important to ensure that you are putting the correct rugs on your horse depending on where they are at the time. Most stable rugs are not waterproof so if you are turning your horse out for large portions of the day make sure they have a suitable turnout rug on. A turnout rug needs a tough outer shell, able to withstand not just the elements but also hazards ranging from other horses’ teeth to bramble bushes.

The Gallop Defender range are ideal stable rugs for winter, as the quilted polyfill innards are specially designed to spread heat evenly across your horses body, ensuring they are comfortable and not too warm. Horses generally only feel physical discomfort when temperatures drop below 0 degrees, so a heavyweight rug would not be necessary unless your horse is particularly weak or older than most.

It is worth being more vigilant and assessing the thickness of your horses coat before deciding on which type of rug you would need. Living conditions make a difference too – a paddock with natural shelter will provide different conditions to an exposed field on a hillside. With time, you’ll get to know your horse’s normal temperature range and how he copes with his environment. Aside from the actual material itself, you need to consider the straps and surcingles as they can cause discomfort if not fitted correctly.

The buckles and surcingles on the Gallop Defender Stable Rug range are all adjustable so you can ensure the rug fits your horse perfectly and isn’t causing them any discomfort when moving.

Be sure to shop the range and make sure your horse is fully and suitably kitted out for the winter!  You can call our team on 01423 332134 or email us on to discuss your horse rug needs in further detail.