Top 5 padded coats to consider for horse riding

Posted by Wormers-direct on 8th Feb 2021

Top 5 padded coats to consider for horse riding

With low temperatures sticking around, it may be time to invest in a padded coat that can become a staple part of your riding wardrobe for years to come.

We stock a variety of padded coats and gilets here at Wormers-Direct, and we have taken the liberty of organizing them into a top 5 list for you, making your decision easier for when you pick which one you want to order!

Coldstream Kimmerton Quilted Coat

The first item to appear on our list is the Coldstream Kimmerton Quilted Coat, which is available in both normal and long versions giving you that added level of choice. This fantastic coat boasts quilted panels with faux duck feather filling and faux neck lining for extra warmth, offering excellent heat retention for the rider whether you’re in or out of the saddle. It also doesn’t have to be reserved just for horse riding, thanks to it’s sleek and stylish design it won’t look out of place when you are out shopping on the high street or going for a walk with friends! Another key benefit of the Coldstream Kimmerton Quilted Coat is its long zip hem rear which allows for extra flexibility when in the saddle. The benefits don’t end there so be sure to check it out, we strongly recommend it as an addition to your horse riding wear wardrobe!

Mark Todd Deluxe Long Padded Coat

If you want to look stylish whilst in the saddle, the Mark Todd Deluxe Long Padded Coat is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The coat boasts a 430g filling to keep you warm no matter the conditions, and it’s long design gives you plenty of coverage too! You can also enjoy a detachable hood with fur lining, giving you that added level of comfort that you need when it is bitterly cold. The zip adjustments on the sleeves and side vents also allow you to tailor the fit of the coat to your choosing, making sure you are at the peak levels of comfort. Choose from navy or silver to compliment the rest of your riding gear, and ensure you are looking the part as well as feeling it when in the stable yard or out riding!

Coldstream Kimmerton Quilted Gilet

This superb gilet is perfect to give your torso the coverage you need to keep warm but leave your arms free if you like to not feel as restricted or would get too warm wearing a full padded coat! Similarly to it’s coat counterpart, the Coldstream Kimmerton Quilted Gilet offers quilted panels with faux duck feather down to keep you warm and cosy no matter the conditions! The gilet is also water repellent and breathable, so you will be well protected from rain and snow as well as the wind! Alongside all the positive design features, the Coldstream Kimmerton Quilted Gilet is very stylish and would not look out of place being worn around the house or in social situations, yet another benefit of this fantastic gilet!

Mark Todd Long Performance Coat

The Mark Todd Long Performance Coat is perfect for any weather, with it’s fully taped seams allowing for complete waterproofing and protection from snow or rain, but the 200g of soft padding on the body ensuring you are kept warm as well as dry! The coat also boasts a high fleece lined collar to completely cover the neck and stop heat escaping the body from that area, so you are kept as comfortable as possible when out riding or working away in the stable yard! As well as the above mentioned features, the coat offers plenty of additional benefits and is definitely one to consider to combat the conditions!

Mark Todd Jacket Rhapsody

With 100g of fill yet a breathable lightweight outer layer, the Mark Todd Rhapsody Jacket is the perfect in between jacket that doesn’t have to be limited specifically to winter wearing! The subtle branding on the jacket keeps it looking fashionable and not too in your face, so you know you’ll be looking good whilst riding if you’re wearing this coat! The padding will protect you from the elements but also ensure that you aren’t too warm and are feeling comfortable no matter the conditions.

Our range of coats and outerwear prove popular time and time again as people are always looking for the perfect protection from adverse weather conditions, but don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Luckily here at Wormers-Direct we understand the importance of looking good whilst also feeling good too, so be sure to check out our range and take advantage of some of the fantastic prices we have on offer!