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Soil association guidelines for worming horses on organic land

Posted by Wormers-direct on 8th Jan 2020

Soil association guidelines for worming horses on organic land

Animal health and the use of Anthelmintics (wormers) on organic farms.

This summary was very kindly supplied by the Soil Association.

“The Soil Association is a membership charity campaigning for planet-friendly food and farming. We believe in the connection between soil, food, the health of people and the health of the planet”

The equine standards recommend that rotational and multi-species grazing should be used to control worms in order to prevent the routine use of wormers and other veterinary treatments. Where five or more horses are kept on the organic holding a pasture management plan outlining control of internal parasites, weed control and soil fertility will be required.

Where five or more horses are kept the use of avermectin-based products for the control of worms must be limited. No restrictions apply where less than five animals are kept but in all cases animals must be housed or dung removed from the pasture for 48 hours after treatment with avermectin products.

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