Protecting your horse from fly & insect bites

Posted by Wormers-direct on 19th May 2021

Protecting your horse from fly & insect bites

With the warmer summer weather comes an irritating menace to your horse’s health- Increased fly populations all around the country. We see this sudden increase as flies are cold blooded insects, so the higher temperatures will cause them to become more active.

The Wormers-Direct team are here to help protect your horses from flies, which is why we have put together the Complete Fly & Insect Protection Package for you! The products in this package help prevent, protect and treat for fly & insect bites and infestations so be sure to consider it for the summer, and for a limited time only enjoy an exclusive discount on all mentioned products too.

Protecting your horse

As the age-old quote goes, prevention is always better than the cure. This rings true for protecting your horse from flies and biting insects too, and it has never been easier to do so with the amount of high-quality products designed for this purpose on the market.

One of these products is Carr & Day & Martin Flygard Extra Strength Insect Repellent, which is a popular product used by many owners in the summer months. The easy to apply formula provides optimal and long-lasting protection from flies of all breeds, ensuring your horse is comfortable when out in the field.

Carr & Day & Martin Flygard Extra Strength Insect Repellent boasts a strong DEET content, which is what makes the product as effective as it is. DEET was developed by the Armed Forces to protect against biting insects in the jungle many years ago, and is now implemented in this product for unrivalled levels of protection.

Preventing fly & insect bites

Adding another level of protection for your horse against flies & insects is always recommended, especially if your horse is predominantly spending time in an area with high fly and midge populations eg. Near a lake or other body of water.

Horse masks and veils are a good method of defence, with many of them also providing protection from harmful UV rays at the same time. A particular mask that does this extremely well is the Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask, which has been designed with comfort in mind as well as protection.

The Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask fits close enough to the horses face to effectively protect against all insects, but features several darts to ensure it is clear enough from the eyes and other facial features to allow for maximum comfort and protection.

In addition to protecting against insects, this product also blocks up to 70% of UV rays, ensuring your horse isn’t uncomfortably hot or doesn’t get burnt on those hotter summer days.

Treating fly & insect bites

If you have been unable to prevent flies and insects from getting to your horse and biting them, it is still possible to care for your horse and minimise the risks of any bites or infestations.

Products such as Global Herbs Skratch are extremely effective at soothing affected areas and reducing the pain and discomfort your horse will be feeling. This herbal formula has been specially designed not only to comfort irritated skin but to also provide digestive support at the same time.

Global Herbs Skratch helps to stop the itching sensation in bitten areas on your horse, and can also facilitate for hair growth in those areas where your horse may have scratched parts of their coat away using a post or other sharp surface.

This product can be implemented into your horses feed all year round to provide continuous support and to maintain healthy skin condition and gut function.

If you would like to learn more about these products and how to effectively protect your horse from growing fly and insect populations, be sure to call us on 01423 332134 or email us at and we will be happy to help.