Protect your horse from flies and rainy weather

Posted by Wormers-direct on 29th Jul 2021

Protect your horse from flies and rainy weather

Summer rain can cause multiple problems for horse owners, with torrential downpours posing a threat to your horses coat and hooves. Couple that with August being unofficially known as one of the worst months for flies all year, and you have a very tricky period to navigate.

Here at Wormers-direct we want to help you keep your horse in a good and healthy condition no matter the time of year or environment, so be sure to read this blog post for some top tips and product recommendations!

Use an effective turnout or fly rug

Turnoutfly rugs are an underrated piece of horse wear for the summer months as they offer a wide variety of benefits with little drawbacks. The main advantage of using a turnout or fly rug is preventing bits from flies and other insects, which of course drastically reduces the risk of bite and itch related illnesses such as sweet itch from affecting your horse. In addition, many fly rugs also provide protection from UV rays, ensuring your horse doesn’t overheat in the peak summer months when they have little shade and it is sunny for most of the day. Fly rugs have many other benefits and a fantastic example of a fly rug that incorporates all these benefits is the Gallop Equestrian Trojan Turnout Fly Rug. This brilliant product boasts a waterproof outer layer to keep your horse dry during summer showers, but also doubles up as a fly rug to protect your equine companion from insects as well as the elements. In addition, the Gallop Equestrian Trojan Turnout Fly Rug effectively protects against UV rays, but is made from a lightweight material with no fill to keep your horse cool at the same time. This product is the best of both worlds between a turnout rug and fly rug and is perfect for the hot and wet summer months.

Fly protection products

There are many supplements and other fly protection products available on the market to give your horse an added level of protection from fly and insect bites, with some of them offering fast and short term results and others being a more gradual long term product. Leovet Power Phaser is a prime example of a highly effective short term fly protection solution, and is one of the most popular products on the market in this category. This product combines natural ingredients and active substances to deliver a powerful protection against most flies and insects, with results lasting up to seven hours making it perfect for long rides on a hot summers day. Leovet Power Phaser remains effective even when your horse is sweating, further improving its usability during summer.

Many people prefer to use a longer term solution to protection against flies and insects, which is where supplements like Global Herbs Fly Free come into play. This all round supplement can be added into your horses feed gradually, and not only does it protect against fly and insect bites but it also helps calm your horse and reduce fly worry when they are turned out. The effects are seen in the same day that it is fed, but can be sustained over a longer period if fed on a daily basis compared to most sprays and other supplements. Global Herbs Fly Free is a brilliant all round insect protection supplement and one that is used widely for effective results in summer.

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