Preparing your horse for autumn

Posted by Wormers-direct on 8th Sep 2021

Preparing your horse for autumn

As autumn approaches there are many factors you need to consider to help make the transition as easy as possible for your horse, which the Wormers-Direct team can help with.

Calming your horses nerves

Following a summer of being turned out, many horses often struggle to adapt to the change of environment as the weather turns and they have to be turned in for a majority of the day. This change in environment can trigger muscle tensing, shakiness and general out of character behaviour, this change in behaviour can have serious health impacts both mentally and physically on your horse. If they begin lashing out and behaving erratically in the stables, they risk hurting themselves by colliding with walls or objects around the stables. Herb supplements can be an effective way to calm your horse when they are suffering from these symptoms, none more so than Valerian Root. This highly effective herb supplement addresses the nervous system and helps your horse relax their muscles when they are stressed and struggling to calm down, all whilst not affecting performance.

Dealing with Mud Fever

Properly called pastern dermatitis or sometimes referred to as cracked heels or greasy heels, Mud Fever is caused by an infectious agent called dermatophilus congolensis, which thrives in muddy wet conditions and can cause issues ranging from mild skin irritation to very painful infected sores and can in some cases cause significant swelling with severe lameness. A common misconception with Mud Fever is that it can only be treated once it has begun affecting your horse, however using supplements such as Global Herbs Mud-X can help lessen the effects of the disease and in some instances prevent it completely. Mud-X does this by maintaining the correct bacterial balance in your horses skin, and also boosts their immune system for added protection against the disease. You can feed this highly effective supplement all year round to ensure maximum protection for your horse and peace of mind for yourself at the same time.

Autumn rugging

With temperatures dropping and rainy weather setting in during autumn, many horse owners assume they need to put a heavy rug on their horse to keep them warm, which can in fact do more harm than good. Horses have thick coats that keep them warmer than humans, so putting a heavy rug on top of that can cause excessive sweating and a host of issues that come with that. A lot of stable rugs aren’t waterproof so it is important to have a separate turnout rug that is waterproof and has a tough outer shell for when your horse is outdoors in autumn and winter. We stock a wide range of horse rugs available in varying thicknesses and styles to prepare your horse for any conditions.

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