MediBit - Wormers-Direct Exclusive UK Distributor

Posted by wormers-direct on 14th Jan 2023

MediBit - Wormers-Direct Exclusive UK Distributor

MediBit has been designed to specifically help avoid paste being expelled during application. The Patented geometry of MediBit dispenses the worming paste onto the back of the tongue, behind the bit bar in an area that promotes swallowing – it is harder to bring paste forward from the rear of the tongue and the bit bar acts as a chewing barrier, again promoting swallowing. This encourages a higher proportion of the paste to be swallowed and can therefore do its work in the horse’s gut. Medibit has been designed to accept syringes of up to 30ml for administering liquid medication or vitamin or mineral supplements.

The MediBit Story

With horse riders and a product designer in there family, when the problem of a paste syringe shy pony had to be overcome, they sought a solution. Other products available at the time were just not efficient in delivering an accurate dose. They therefore put there heads together and developed the Dark Bay Worming Bit. With the office, located on the lifestyle block north of Auckland NZ, they had easy access to the horses for fitting and testing prototypes. The first product was launched in 2004. Realising that medications and health promoting supplements of all kinds cannot always be put in a horses feed and be undetected by them (and rejected), the Dark Bay Worming Bit evolved into the MediBit Equine Dosing Bit. The unique MediBit adapter fits syringe sizes up to 30ml, making it perfect for administering liquids. Now located on Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf, they manufacture and supply our MediBit equine dosing bit to customers around the world and continue there involvement with horses on the beautiful island.