How to protect your horse from flies

Posted by Wormers-direct on 18th Jun 2021

How to protect your horse from flies

Defending your horse against flies and other biting insects becomes increasingly important in the summer months as we see a boom in fly and insect populations. The Wormers-direct team are here to help protect your horse and share some top tips on limiting insect bite related illnesses.

Insect repellent sprays & products

The most obvious method of protecting your horse from insect bites would be the use of insect repellent sprays and other similar products. There are a wide range of insect repellents available on the market all with their own unique uses and characteristics, but one we find particularly effective is Carr & Day & Martin Flygard Extra Strength Insect Repellent. This fantastic product is known to repel midges, flies and all other biting insects making it an all-round effective protection method for your horse in the tricky summer months. Using DEET, a strong ingredient used by the military to repel insects in jungles, this product delivers professional and effective results. Prevention is better than the cure and using an insect repellent is one of the most effective ways of dealing with insect bites for your horse.

Suitable outerwear

Flies pose a threat around the horses head as they land on the eyes to drink the fluid that collects in the corners. Due to flies carrying bacteria, they will often pass on some form of ailment or illness during this process and using a fly mask or veil can nullify this threat. UV rays can also be damaging to your horse on particularly hot days so the use of a fly mask or veil can solve that issue as well as protecting against insects. Fly rugs are another effective method of protecting against fly and insect bites, and they are often lightweight and reflective to deflect sunlight and keep your horse cool even in the peak of summer. The Gallop Equestrian Combo Fly Rug is a prime example of this, with its 200 denier white mesh outer layer ensuring that most heat is reflected away from your horse, therefore protecting them from flies and the sun at the same time. The fly rug provides a comfortable and relaxed fit, whilst also covering the body efficiently to ensure that flies and insects can’t find any gaps to infiltrate and bite your horse through. As well as being durable and robust, the Gallop Equestrian Combo Fly Rug also looks good thanks to the vibrant belly and neck straps matching the lining, so your horse can be riding in both style and comfort at the same time.

Fast and effective treatment

Sometimes it isn’t possible to prevent insect bites on your horse, and in those instances it is important that you quickly spot the issue and treat accordingly. There are many creams, ointments and sprays that you can now use to soothe and treat insect bites, and one of the most effective ones on the market is Global Herbs Itch & Bite Cream. This superb formula treats symptoms of itchiness and pain from bites all in one, and can be used even if your horse hasn’t been bitten but they are particularly itchy and agitated for whatever reason. The cream is easy to apply and offers fast acting and soothing results to help your horse deal with the pain better. Bite treatment is an important factor to consider when trying to protect your horse as if left untreated, some bites can cause serious illnesses that have a major impact on your horses health and wellbeing.

If you have any further questions on how to protect your horse from fly and insect bites or want to learn more about any of the products mentioned, be sure to call our team on 01423 332134 and we will be happy to help. You can also email your queries to for specialist tailored advice.