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Herbs for horses

Posted by Wormers-direct on 16th Jan 2020

Herbs for horses

Seaweed - For a healthy musculo-skeletal system.

Seaweed is a rich source of trace minerals that aid in cartilage and connective tissue formation. It is generally recommended for growing and performance horses. The trace mineral composition of Seaweed helps the horse increase its anti-oxidation activity during and after exercise.

For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 900gms.

Thyme Powder - Has a wide variety of herbal uses but most often used to relieve the respiratory system.

In addition to respiration, thyme is also used as a calmer and a condition pick me up for old, tired or show horses. For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 750gms.

Rosehips - For healthy hoof growth and as a source of vitamin C.

Rosehips are a source of natural biotin, vitamin C and other nutrients which promote healthy hoof growth.
Due to the high vitamin C content, Rosehips are often used when bringing a horse back from illness. 750gms.

Chaste Tree Berries - To nutritionally help support mares prone to hormonal temperament problems.

Chaste Tree Berries are well documented for the support of mares’ hormonal cycles and to calm the mares’ behaviour prior to its “season”.
Mares exhibiting performance problems during oestrus have also benefited from receiving Chaste Tree.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 750gms.

Comfrey Leaf - For natural nutritional maintenance of a healthy skeletal system.

Comfrey has been known through the years as a medicinal plant, as a source of vitamin B12 and protein.
In medieval medicine comfrey is often mentioned as one of the main herbs for treating fractures which is why it got the name “knitbone”.
Comfrey leaf is also known for treating muscle cramping, fatigue and general weakness.
Do not feed to mares in foal or with other Comfrey products. 600gms.

Nettle - For the nutritional maintenance of a healthy skin and coat.

This herb contains high levels of vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy skin and coat.
Nettles are primarily diuretic and blood cleansing therefore often used for laminitis and arthritis.
It is also excellent for horses competing in very strenuous or power demanding activities.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 750gms.

Chamomile - Used as a calmer for horses.

Chamomile if often used as a sedative for horses that are highly strung due to nervousness and stress.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 750gms.

Devils Claw Root - For the nutritional maintenance of the musculo-skeletal system and the inflammatory response.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of Devils Claw have been reported to be equal to cortisone and phenylbutazone without the noted side effects such as gastric ulceration.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 550gms.

Aniseed - For healthy digestion, respiration in all horses and hormonal cycles in mares.

It is reported that Aniseed has been used successfully to treat poor appetite and digestive disorders like colic.
Aniseed has expectorant properties and is often recommended for horses with chronic coughs.
Aniseed also has estrogenic activity and can be used to help normalize oestrus in mares. 750gms.

Cut Dandelion - For the nutritional maintenance of the horses hepatic system.

Dandelion is diuretic as well as a rich source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins SA, C and B complex.
Dandelions will help cleanse the blood in horses after exercise and provide needed levels of potassium, magnesium and calcium during exercise.
For animal uses only, do not give to mares in foal. 1kg.

Echinacea - Most well-known for its action in strengthening the immune system.

Echinacea is a very effective immuno-stimulant. It provides antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulant and wound healing properties.
Echinacea has proven to be highly effective as a prophylactic against infection in horses that are constantly exposed to viruses and bacterial agents.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 550gms.

Celery Seed - For healthy digestion and stiffness.

Acting on the digestive system Celery Seed provides an internal warming effect. It is useful for horses that have become ‘run down’ as a result of transportation, overwork and exposure to cold.
Celery Seed is often used to relieve joint stiffness and can be good following a hard workout or for horses with rheumatism and arthritis. 750gms.

Milk Thistle - To nutritionally support and maintain liver function.

Liver protection and stimulation of detoxification are both benefits of feeding Milk Thistle to horses.
Also used for regeneration of damaged liver tissue and protection against toxins and disease.
This herb is rich in anti-oxidants.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 750gms.

Mint - For a healthy digestive system and to increase appetite.

Mint contains flavonoids that act to relax the digestive tract and is commonly used as a digestive aid.
Horses also find the aroma and taste of mint to be particularly appealing.
For animal use only, do not give to mares in foal. 1kg.