Global Herbs Skratch

Posted by Wormers-direct on 30th Mar 2020

Global Herbs Skratch

Itchiness is an issue that many horses encounter for a multitude of reasons which can include irritating flies and midges, sensitive skin, and allergies to dust or certain plants.

Many horses suffer severely from having an itch to the point where they scratch themselves so excessively that they take away a layer of their coat and skin. This can have a knock on effect as it leaves an open wound which is prone to serious infections.

Global Herbs Skratch is a fantastic powerful herbal formula which offers an effective solution to your horse having an itch that can’t be cured. Not only does the formula soothe your horse’s skin, but it also offers additional support to the digestive system and aids hair growth.

Some horses may be sensitive to particular drug types, or you may be restricted in what you can use due to competition guidelines which is what sets Skratch apart due to its herbal composition.

The supplement also helps with flies and midges, protecting your horse from them irritating the horse or affecting its skin again in the future.

Itchiness can be an all year round problem, but in some cases it will become more of an issue in the summer, coinciding with fly populations growing.

If not managed correctly an itch can lead to more serious problems further down the line, which is why using supplements such as Global Herbs Skratch is important.