Global Herbs PolleneX

Posted by Wormers-direct on 31st Mar 2020

Global Herbs PolleneX

Summer months can be a very irritating time for many horses for a variety of reasons such as fly populations booming, hotter temperatures making them uncomfortable, and rigs becoming more fixated on mares. One of the main issues they will face however will be the increased pollen count, which can cause breathing problems for most horses.

Many horses suffer from pollen allergies which is why the summer months can be tougher. Usually, the horses nose is effective at stopping negative particles from entering the body that way, acting almost as an air filter.

The most effective way to manage a pollen allergy is through the use of anti-pollen support blends such as the Global Herbs PolleneX. This special blend of herbs offers soothing support to horses with pollen allergies, helping manage irritation and aid respiration.

When the pollen count is high however, the pollen particles can get trapped in the nose hairs and in turn cause a reaction. This reaction involves the dilation of the blood vessels and inflammation, which are common reactions in horses when they get ill or ingest substances that are harmful. It is these reactions that cause the common coughing, head shaking and poor performance that are linked to pollen allergies.

There are a few other things you can do to avoid the pollen allergies from affecting your horse, such as turning out at night when the pollen count is lower rather than through the day, or equipping your horse with a pollen net whilst they are out through the day if turning out at night is not an option.

Airborne irritants are prevalent all year round, as in winter the stables may be dustier than usual but due to the poor weather conditions, the horses will have to spend a long time stabled. PolleneX is still effective in these periods as the product is designed to target all airborne irritants whilst soothing the nose, eyes and head.

Suitable for all horses and ponies for year round use, Global Herbs PolleneX is certainly one of the most effective ways to manage pollen allergies and other airborne irritants.

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