Global Herbs LamiPro

Posted by Wormers-direct on 31st Mar 2020

Global Herbs LamiPro

Laminitis can be a very serious issue for horses, with many cases of the disease resulting in euthanasia for the affected horses due to the excruciating pain they will experience.

Horses have two different types of laminae in their hooves, with the insensitive laminae making up part of the hoof wall whilst the sensitive laminae are composed of blood vessels and nerves that are bound to the soft tissue and bone underneath.

Global Herbs LamiPro is one of the best-selling laminae support supplements on the market, thanks to its strong antioxidant herbal approach to dealing with laminitis.

Sensitive laminae are vulnerable to damage from undigested grass in the gut. This grass releases toxins that can wear down the laminae, making it extremely painful for the horse to stand or walk. High glucose levels can also be attributed to affecting the sensitive laminae, which is another worry for horse owners.

LamiPro is a fast acting supplement that offers support to the sensitive laminae by aiding digestion, ensuring that glucose levels are kept in check and that harmful toxins from undigested food do not reach the laminae.

The supplement can be used as a short term or long term solution to laminae related issues, and in some cases can be used to help get your horse back on eating natural unfertilized grass with lower risk to its health.

Laminitis is a big issue for many horse owners due to the severe effects the disease can have and the threat it poses to a horse’s life. Using an effective and simple supplement such as LamiPro can be the difference between life and death for your horse, which is why our team strongly recommends it if you have any laminae worries.