Getting Riggy with it

Posted by Wormers-direct on 9th Mar 2020

Getting Riggy with it

Some geldings may still show signs of riggy behavior especially if they were gelded late in their life, they are known as riggy geldings. These horses will require some form of behavioral therapy to calm them down and alter their mood, or certain supplements and herbs can also be used.

The main difference between a rig and a normal horse is the testicular positioning. For a normal horse, the testicles begin their development near the kidneys and pass through the inguinal canal, eventually ending up in the scrotum where they belong. In a rig, this process is not completed and the testicles remain somewhere in the passage, never reaching the scrotum.

A key indicator of a horse being a rig is stallion-like behavior, as even when they are concealed, the testicles will still produce hormones that make the horse frisky and easily agitated. Riggy horses will show a special interest in mares, especially in the summer time which is another telltale sign that your horse may be a rig.

Global Herbs RigCalm Powder is a particularly effective supplement that has been known to benefit horses in these conditions, thanks to its effective blend of calming herbs and minerals. The RigCalm Powder not only helps promote calm and relaxed behavior, but can also reduce aggressiveness in particularly irritated geldings or stallions. Using this supplement on a particularly riggy gelding will also reduce their sexual excitability, meaning they are less likely to lose composure around mares which as previously mentioned, becomes a more prevalent issue in the summer months.

As a result of the unusual testicular positioning, rigs may struggle to produce fertile sperm due to the testicles not being able to develop properly. The scrotum facilitates effective development and cooling of the testicles which is where the fertility comes from. Despite this stunted development, rigs are still able to impregnate mares in some cases, especially if only one testicle failed to make it to the scrotum.

Global Herbs RigCalm Powder is fast acting, so you will be able to see the effects almost immediately on your horse. This is an essential supplement if you have a busy stable or yard with multiple horses, as dealing with a riggy gelding can be very time consuming without the use of supplements, meaning your other horses may not get the care they require.

If you have any questions regarding the supplement or generally about rigs and horse behavior, get in touch with our team on 0800 3317758, and our qualified SQP’s will be happy to assist you.