Getting ready for competition season

Posted by Wormers-direct on 16th Jul 2021

Getting ready for competition season

Your horse may struggle to get back into competition mode after such a long break due to the pandemic, but now that show and competition season is back, we want to help you and your horse make sure you’re both prepared for everything.

We stock a variety of products ranging from calming supplements and coat treatments for your horse to smart clothing for you to also wow the judges with, read about some of our most popular products below and be sure to check them out.

Calming pre-competition nerves in your horse

Competition season can be a stressful time for your horse due to the large crowds and physically demanding nature. This toughness will only have been amplified during the pandemic as your horse won’t have been exposed to these conditions for a long time and may struggle to adjust and cope with those demands all of a sudden. One of the best ways to help them deal with the pressure is the use of a regulated calming supplement, and we stock one of the most effective ones on the market, Global Herbs SuperCalm. Available in liquid, syringe and powder format, this brilliant calming supplement is ideal to use in high pressure situations such as shows or competitions. SuperCalm contains a blend of herbs and other key ingredients to promote calm and good behaviour in your horse whilst also providing support to the immune and digestive systems at the same time. You may see results within two days of using this product, and it is suitable for most horses and ponies. Thanks to its effective impact, this supplement can be used in a variety of situations where your horse needs calming such as a change of environment, long travel, competitions and shows or a long period of separation. With SuperCalm being available in multiple formats, you don’t have to worry if your horse isn’t receptive to a certain kind of the supplement as there is always another option.

Ensuring your horse is looking their shimmering best

A key area your horse will be judged in in most competitions or shows is their appearance, so it is important to ensure that their coat is looking the most presentable it possibly can. Staying on top of this aesthetic care can be difficult and require a variety of products ranging from coat conditioners to tail and main care products, but for efficient coat care results we recommend using Absorbine Showsheen Miracle Groom. This highly effective product offers your horse a 5-in-1 complete coat care procedure, covering everything from cleaning tough stains out to detangling the coat and leaving it deodorized. Absorbine Showsheen Miracle Groom is used by many people preparing their horse for competitions as it eliminates the need for multiple products to be used for coat preparations, making your preparation schedule more streamlined and less stressful. As well as leaving your horses coat clean and shimmering, this product also leaves no greasy residue which is common with many other coat care products, so your horse will be ready to compete right after being cleaned. Absorbine Showsheen Miracle Groom can also be used without other soap or water, making it the perfect product to use when out and about if your horses coat needs a quick bit of TLC.

Wearing the correct clothing to compete in

Your comfort and confidence is also just as important as your horses when competing or showing, and a key way to ensure you are feeling good is dressing in comfortable and stylish clothing. You should look to wear something that’s comfortable and stretchy as you will be stretching a lot and being worked hard. The Gallop Equestrian Full Silicone Seat Breeches are a perfect solution for this factor. Not only do these breeches boast elasticated ankle cuffs, but they are also composed of a high-quality polyester/spandex mix specially designed to offer maximum comfort and practicality. These brilliant breeches are also available in a variety of colours, making them popular clothing choices for a wide variety of occasions and uses.

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