Equine Supplements

Posted by wormers-direct on 18th Apr 2023

Equine Supplements

Here at Wormers-Direct, we don’t just sell wormers! Equine supplements make up a huge part of our product range, and we are dedicated to delivering the best range for your horse. From natural herbal supplements, to everyday essentials, we have you covered. Let’s take a deeper dive into the different categories of horse supplements that we have in stock.

Natural Herb Horse Supplements

This is our very own range of equine supplements that are manufactured from the highest quality herbs. With over 30 different types of herbs in stock, you will be sure to find the right one to help your horse’s recovery. Whether you are looking for help with an excitable horse, itch relief, mobility, or just general health & wellbeing, our range of herbal remedies are designed to provide the best support for your horse’s health.

Wormers-Direct Turmeric Powder

Breeding & Youngstock

Whether you have a pregnant mare, or a recently born foal, we have a range of breeding & youngstock supplements in stock to help support steady, optimal growth. We also stock a milk replacer to help foals who are struggling to receive enough milk from their mother, or in the sad case of an orphaned foal.

Calming / Behavioural Equine Supplements

It is the time of year when mares start becoming hormonal & the spring grass causes havoc with even the sanest of horses. The calming & behavioural equine supplements that we stock are designed to reduce the impact of these changes, leaving you with a calmer horse to ride. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but these calming horse supplements should help to take the edge off!

Coat & Skin Horse Supplements

A dull coat can be a sign of an underlying condition, or that your horse just isn’t quite receiving the high level of vitamins & minerals that it needs. With the range of coat & skin horse supplements that we stock, you should find the tonic your horse needs to become healthy & strong again. Not only do the products we have treat the underlying condition, but prevent it from recurring too.

Digestive Supplements

When out in the wild, horses naturally graze on things that aid their digestion, including berries, hawthorn, and more. We then domesticate them, giving them limited forage in most instances, and wonder why they develop digestive problems! At Wormers-Direct we stock a range of natural digestive supplements to help your horse feel healthy again.

Omega Equine Digest Gut Balancer

Electrolytes & Rehydration

With the warmer summer months around the corner (hopefully!), and levels of exercise increasing ready for the competition season, it is important to keep your horse hydrated at all times. We stock a range of electrolytes & rehydration supplements to help replace those lost during intense exercise or stress.

Everyday Essentials

With so many different equine supplements on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for your horse. Introducing our range of everyday essential supplements, designed to keep your horse’s feet, skin, coat, joints & hooves healthy.

Herbal Products

As well as our own brand of herbal horse supplements, we also stock herbal products from leading brands including Omega Equine, NAF, Hilton Herbs, Gold Label, Feedmark, Equimins and many more. Whether you are looking to improve your horse’s overall health, or require a specific supplement, check out or herbal products range.

Hoof Supplements

The old saying ‘no hoof, no horse’ is a reminder that good hoof health is incredibly important, to prevent injury or damage to any other part of the horse’s body. A balanced, nutritious diet should provide your horse with everything it needs to stay healthy, but for that extra boost we stock a wide range of horse hoof supplements. From preventing hoof deteriorating in rapidly changing weather, to aftercare products to help strengthen cracked hooves, shop online at Wormers-Direct today.

Farrier's Formula

Immunity & Blood

Internal health is incredibly important, particularly as many equine diseases can start in the bloodstream. Keep your horse’s blood and immune system healthy with the wide range of immunity & blood supplements that we stock here at Wormers-Direct.

Joints & Soundness

Horses that are in high intensity work are more prone to joint injuries, simply due to the force exerted on their joints on a regular basis. Older horses also struggle with their joints due to the thinning of fluid around their joints, as well as the breakdown of cartilage that happens when they age. Joint & soundness supplements are essential to help care for your horse’s joints, and keep them healthy & mobile for as long as possible.


Keep your horse on top of its game with our extensive range of performance supplements. Whether your horse needs extra support during recovery, some extra energy, or help with muscle repair, we stock a wide range of performance supplements for you to choose from.


Horses can suffer from respiratory problems at any stage in their life, and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Shop our range of equine respiratory supplements online today, which contain a range of antioxidants to absorb any free radicals produced as a result of respiratory distress.

Science Supplements Respiraid


Looking after the golden oldies often requires the addition of veteran supplements to keep them healthier for longer. Older horses tend to have weakened immune systems, leaving them more susceptible to illnesses that they would have been able to fight off easily in their younger years. We have a wide range of supplements to help support your veteran in every way possible.

Vitamins & Minerals

Finally, we stock a wide range of vitamin & mineral supplements here at Wormers-Direct for horses in all levels of work. Vitamins & minerals are such an important part of a horse’s diet, yet are commonly neglected by horse owners. Keep your horse healthy with the wide range of products we stock.

If you are looking for a particular equine supplement, or would like some advice from our qualified team on the best supplement for your horse, get in touch today by calling 01423 806627.