10 myths of equine worming

Posted by Wormers-Direct on 19th Dec 2019

10 myths of equine worming

There are many myths when it comes to equine worming, ranging from dosing frequencies to certain products being ineffective.  We're here to dispel some of these myths, have a read and make sure you have all the correct information to hand when deciding on your horses worming routine.

All products need to be double dosed to treat Tapeworm.

NO: Only those that use Pyrantel as the active ingredient.

It is better to give more dose than the horse actually needs.

NO: The best dose is the exact dose so work out the body weight of each horse but do not underdose as this can lead to resistance.

Each tube will treat a standard sized horse.

NO: There is no such thing as a standard size horse and different brands and different pack sizes treat different body weights.

Combination wormers (those containing more than one active ingredient) will treat all the equine worms.

NO: Different brands contain different combinations of ingredients so treat a different range of parasites.

If you are treating with the correct wormers then Pinworm cannot become an issue.

NO: Horses can be infected with pinworm from eggs left in the stable and environment.

You can give donkeys any wormer that you can give to horses.

NO: You can only use particular brands that have been licensed for use in donkeys.

Worm egg counts test for all horse worms.

NO: Standard faecal egg counts don’t test for Encysted Small Redworm or Pinworm or Tapeworm.

Treatment needs doing at least 4 times per year.

NO: Treatments need doing when necessary which we find out by testing, planning and pasture management.

Some active ingredients do not work anymore.

NO: There is resistance to some ingredients but they still have a place to play in a managed treatment plan thereby retaining alternative drugs within the range available for equine treatment.

If you have any further questions, our team of experienced SQP's are always on hand to help you out and give you advice tailored to your horse and your specific situation.  Give us a call on 01423 332134, or email us at!