Dengie Alfa-A Original


Dengie Alfa-A Original. A pure alfalfa high-fibre feed with a molasses coating for horses in work, breeding and youngstock
· A high-fibre feed providing 10MJ/kg of Digestible Energy – comparable to a cool mix or cube, but with 10x less starch
· The addition of a molasses coating aids palatability and encourages fussy feeders
· Rich in highly digestible fibre and packed with natural vitamins and minerals
· Alfalfa is a widely recognised ingredient for promoting digestive health due to its natural buffering properties
· Abundant in quality protein for aiding topline and muscle development
· Naturally low in starch at just 2%
· Free from preservatives and straw
· The alfalfa is precision-dried to lock in natural nutrients and produce an exceptionally clean source of fibre compared to sun-dried forages.

NON GM Alfalfa, molasses.

Typical Analysis (%) ‘as fed’
Digestible Energy  10MJ/kg
Protein  12
Oil  2.5
Ash (mineral)  10
Fibre  27
Sugar  12
Starch  2
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