Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter

£10.99 - £17.99

Cats love cleanliness and freshness and that's why cats love Catsan Cat Litter. Using Catsan Litter you provide your cat with a litter box that's always clean and hygienic. Catsan Litter is low-dust and unscented and absorbs before odour can develop. 100% hygiene protection.

Catsan Hygiene Litter consists of particularly fine pored Hygiene granules made of natural quartz sand & lime that instantly absorb liquid like a sponge. Their unique mineral composition inhibits the development of odour more effectively than conventional cat litter*. 


Preparation and Usage:  It's So Easy... fill the litter box with Catsan to a minimum depth of 5cm. Remove the solid waste individually every day and change Catsan
completely on a regular basis. If you have under-floor heating, please put insulating material under the litter box.

(* based on odour control test and upon 1 cat using the litter tray, filled with Catsan Hygiene Litter as directed.)

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