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Bob Martin Felight Antibacterial Non-Clumping Cat Litter

£8.50 - £16.00

Bob Martin Felight Antibacterial Non-Clumping Cat Litter is the purr-fect Antibacterial Cat Litter to neutralise any nasty odours for up to 10 days! Enabling you to continuously keep your litter trays hygienic and smelling Felight Fresh! The fast-acting product uses patented Antibacterial SilverFresh™ Technology which has gentle, yet effective antibacterial properties, meaning you can rely on Felight for a clean, safe litter tray and happy, healthy cats. On top of its ultimate performance, our specialist cat litter is manufactured in the UK and our packaging is 100% recycled, so you have peace of mind that you’re doing the best for your cat, their waste and the environment.

What is SilverFresh technology?
SilverFresh Technology uses Silver Ion Complexes which have a long history in the medicine and hygiene fields and are what helps stop the growth and development of bacteria – keeping those nasty smells at bay!

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