Thoroughbred Shavings


Thoroughbred Shavings are produced using controlled machining processes and dust extraction. FSC Certified. The softwood shavings bedding product of choice for horses and other large animals. Market-leading softwood bedding product and for good reason, the popular choice of horse owners.
Thoroughbred wood shavings are highly absorbent and easy to muck out. Unlike inferior equestrian shavings they are not sharp and do not contain rubbish or dust – important for allergic horses. Thoroughbred softwood shavings have been one of the market-leading brands for nearly 20 years. We know how important your horse and your horse’s health is to you, so we understand how your choice of bedding makes a real difference to your horse. A well prepared natural bed made from Thoroughbred shavings gives you peace of mind that your stabled horse is clean, dry and most definitely comfortable.
Each bale is approximately 20kg

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