Saracen Re-Vive Mash


PLEASE NOTE - This item is a special order, with an approx 2 week lead time, and cannot be cancelled once ordered.

Re-Vive Mash is a fully fortified, correctly balanced, highly appetising mash designed to maintain appetite, and to support rehydration and recovery rates. Feeding a mash to help with hydration can be extremely beneficial as it does assist with their overall water intake. Their fluid and electrolyte intake will be easier to manage, and once mixed with water, the mash should be fed immediately after soaking (for 5-10 minutes with lukewarm water, for 10-15 minutes with cold water - please do not use boiling water).

This palatable mash is a blend of highly digestible soluble fibres and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, which provides a source of key nutrients needed for optimum recovery and fluid intake. With a tempting banana flavouring, the mash can be used to top dress a current feed regime, or fed alone to encourage appetite.

As it is fully fortified, Re-Vive Mash can be fed alongside any existing feeding programme and will provide additional support through the inclusion of BMC® and yeast. BMC® (Buffered Mineral Complex) supports digestive function through the regulation of gastric and hindgut pH, which, in conjunction with Vistacell yeast, ensures optimum digestive health and function.

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