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PelletBeds Equine Pro Miscanthus Pellets


PelletBeds ‘Equine Pro’ – is made from natural British Miscanthus straw which is chopped, sterilized then compacted into short, soft 6mm pellets

It the most absorbent bedding available on the market, offering over 3x the absorbency of wood shavings and 2x wood pellets. Equine Pro is semi-clumping in behaviour making removal of urine easy.

Equine Pro pellets expand to create a natural bed which is easy to maintain and long lasting. Unlike straw or wood pellet bedding it will not compact allowing the bed to remain aerated, dry and easy to work. It will also not compact in hoof  frog allowing the  hoof to remain healthy.

We recommend using our Equine Pro pellets to maintain beds that have been started on our Equine Max Straw Pellet Bedding.


  • 8mm miscanthus pellet granules – open slowly
  • soft, porous & ultra absorbent – ~ 2x wood pellet; 3x shavings
  • non-compacting – maintains hoof health and making bed easy to work
  • clumping – makes removal of urine easier
  • creates a healthy stable environment – minimising flies
  • longer lasting – open & expand gradually to give long lasting absorbency
  • anti-bacterial – protected with Protek Equine Anti-Bacterial treatment
  • long fibres (~10x wood saw’dust’ pellets)
  • can be mixed with other beddings to increase absorbency, reduce bedding use & mucking out time
  • light beige in colour with neutral smell
  • high thermal capacity, insulating the stable floor
  • 100% British Miscanthus – fully traceable
  • eco-friendly – composts quickly & soil friendly
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