Omega Equine ComfortSkin


Omega Comfort Skin is a collection of natural ingredients developed to bring comfort to equine skin and coats. This supplement supports overall health and immunity, as well as soothing the skin itself, for an inside-out approach to skin care and health.

 An equine supplement made with nature’s powerful bounty, including; 
* Aloe Vera; packed with vitamins that support the skin, coat, eyes and brain. It is known to soothe external skin irritations and help support body growth and repair
* Biotin: known for supporting hoof health, this water-soluble B Vitamin also helps brittle coats, manes and tails grow stronger and healthier
* Turmeric; a well-known anti-inflammatory that helps soothe skin, including skin which itches or irritates
* Seaweed; an impressive source of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements, linked to promoting shiny coats, strong hooves and maintaining high levels of vitality
* Echinacea; supports the immune system and the flow of oxygen around the body, keeping skin and coat soothed, comfortable and healthy
* Rosehips; one of the best sources of natural iron and vitamin C, supporting overall health and mobility. Rosehips also contain high levels of natural biotin, perfect for maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat
* Moringa leaf; packed with over 90 active compounds, moringa is an impressive source of protein and vitamins useful for maintaining optimal bone and skin condition as well as overall health
* Tart Cherry; loaded with important nutrients, including plant compounds, antioxidants and vitamin C. It helps maintain a strong immune system and healthy heart, which shines through in coat health.

 Omega ComfortSkin is rich in natural nutrients that specifically support the health of skin, in turn helping coats, manes and tails flourish. From soothing the impact of irritations and allergies to ensuring coats glisten, this supplement will have your horse looking and feeling at their best.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude protein 15.5%
Crude fibre 10%
Crude oils and fats 18%
Crude ash 9%
Soduim 0.07%

Linseed Meal
Moringa Leaf
Sea Buckthorn
Calcium Carbonate
Tart Cherry
Aloe Vera

Additives: (Per kg)
Amino Acids, di-methionine 3c301 5000mg
Trace Elements:
Zinc (chelate of protein hydrolysates 5000 mg) 3b612 750 mg
Vitamins & provitamins:
B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831 20000mg
Biotin 3a880 310mg
Technological: L-Proline
Emulsifiers: Soy Lecitin 1c322iii 15,000mg
2x10 per 15.5g serving

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