Omega Equine Boswellifen


A botanical rub that soothes equine joints and muscles

Developed with pure botanical oils, this topical rub uses the power of nature to maintain healthy mobility and joints whilst soothing and relaxing tired muscles. A few drops massaged into the skin aid comfortable and fluid movement for equines in hard work, competition, or older age.

This powerful supplement contains several natural oils, including:

Boswellia oil – an ancient ingredient, Boswellia significantly supports joints and maintains healthy movement and mobility. It also aids musculoskeletal comfort and the structural composition of connective tissues

Lavender oil – known for its soothing qualities, lavender oil supports stress levels, aiding relaxation, calm behaviour, and healthy recovery

Marjoram and peppermint oil – when rubbed into the skin, marjoram creates a warming sensation while peppermint cools, both of which help relax spasms and support tired muscles

Rosemary oil – a natural and powerful antioxidant, rosemary oil is beneficial for maintaining general equine health.

The above ingredients combine with avocado, black pepper, and ginger oils that support healthy blood circulation and muscle recovery. Omega Equine takes care sourcing high-quality products for its supplements and applications. Competition legal and approved for both FEI and Jockey Club rules, this rub supports joints and muscles across the body, ensuring quiet and busy horses and ponies can enjoy natural freedom of movement every day.

Avocado Oil
Boswellia Oil
Ginger Oil
Rosemary Oil
Peppermint Oil
Marjoram Oil
Lavender Oil
Black Pepper Oil

Directions for use:

Add 6 to 12 drops (depending on area being treated) of Boswellifen to our hand and then massage in to the joint or muscle area to be treated. Massage into the skin for a couple of minutes.

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