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Medibit Horse Worming Bit


The Medibit Worming Bit helps you overcome problems when syringe worming difficult horses and ponies.

The Medibit Worming Bit helps you overcome problems when syringe worming difficult horses and ponies. MediBit has been designed to specifically help avoid problems during worming any horse. The Patented geometry of the MediBit places the worming paste at the back of the tongue and behind the bit bar. This means when using a MediBit the paste is deposited in an area that promotes swallowing - its harder to bring it forward from the rear of the tongue, plus the bit bar acts as a chewing barrier, again promoting swallowing. This all encourages a higher proportion of the paste to be swallowed and can therefore do its work in the horses gut, not on the ground.

MediBit has also been designed to accept syringes up to 30ml for administering medication or vitamin and mineral supplements. Conventional Bit Shape which is familliar for the horse. Angled side entry which positions and holds the syryinge towards the rear of the tongue. Unique syringe adapter which accepts all paste syryinges. UV Stabilised materials which are tough and durable. Medibit horse wormer dosing bit has an adjustable strap

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Janina pitt

This is a great idea for horses who dont like to be wormed. It was good on the whole but some of the wormer was remaining in the mouth bit, so you may have to give a bit more wormer to cover the amount for your horse

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