Felix Doubly Delicious Fish Selection in Jelly Pouches

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Felix Pouch As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious Fish...Is a range of delicious meals made with two different types of tender meat or fish in a delicious jelly which look and smell so meaty, it looks like food you might have cooked yourself. Now your cat can enjoy two of his favourite varieties in one delicious meal! It's an irresistible meal for your cat. Also, Felix As Good as It Looks Doubly Delicious is available in a wide range of fishy and meaty flavours to satisfy your cat's love of variety.
That's not all!
These delicious meals are:- A source of essential Omega 6 fatty acids. The right combination of balanced minerals. Contains Vitamins D & E. They are full of healthy goodness to satisfy 100% of your cat's daily needs when fed according to the feeding guidelines on the pack.

Treat your cat to a mouth-watering fishy feast with our FELIX As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious Adult Cat Fish Selection in Jelly! With a variety of salmon and sardine, trout and mackerel, saithe and salmon and hisring and trout, your cat will be spoilt for choice! The perfect selection for fish-loving felines, FELIX As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious Adult Cat Fish Selection in Jelly is packed with essential nutrients and key ingredients to keep your adult cat happy and active. Watch his enjoy a delicious pouch, available in 100g individual servings to make a meal in minutes!

3 x with Salmon & Sardine
3 x with Trout & Mackerel
3 x with Saithe & Salmon
3 x with Herring & Trout

Meat and Animal Derivatives
Fish and Fish Derivatives (of which Salmon 4%, Sardine 4%)
Vegetable Protein Extracts
Various Sugars

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