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FOR FAT METABOLISM & LACTIC ACID BUFFER L-Carnitine is an essential co-factor in muscle metabolism, during exercise, forming the transport system which moves fatty acid into the mitochondria (cell furnaces) for energy production. L-Carnitine also acts as a physiological buffer in inhibiting the build up of lactic acid, helping delay the onset of fatigue in muscles. Product Benefits: • Increase maximum work output and improves the utilisation of fatty acids • Decrease levels of lactic acid build-up • L-Carnitine is an essential cofactor in muscle metabolism during exercise and enhances energy supply Daily Feeding Instructions: Light work and maintenance - 15g twice daily Endurance (Daily for 4 days prior to competition) - 30g twice daily Racing (Daily for 4 days prior to competition) - 45g twice daily Analysis per 30g: L-Carnitine - 5,000mg

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