Dengie Performance Fibre


Dengie Performance Fibre. A blend of soft, highly digestible fibres with a high oil level. A light molasses coating and added spearmint oil make this the ideal feed for encouraging fussy feeders
· A blend of precision-dried alfalfa and grass – highly digestible and so sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system.
· Soft and easy to chew - perfect for youngstock too
· A straw-free formulation means it is more digestible and cleaner (lower mould counts) than products containing straw – ideal for promoting good respiratory health in performance horses
· Contains alfalfa – a natural buffer to acidity and rich source of natural vitamins and minerals
· Approved by BETA for horses and ponies prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
· The high level of oil provides slow-release energy and helps to create exceptional coat shine
· Provides a relatively high level of slow release energy without significantly increasing starch intake – ideal for performance horses requiring a low starch diet
· Fibre in the bucket contributes to the horse’s overall fibre requirement

Precision dried grass, precision dried alfalfa, rape seed oil, molasses, spearmint oil, mould inhibitor.

Typical Analysis (%) ‘as fed’
Digestible Energy  12MJ/kg
Protein  12
Oil  10
Ash (mineral)  10
Fibre  25
Sugar  12
Starch  1.5
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