Aqueos Disinfectant & Sanitising Fogger


The disinfectant and sanitising fogger kills bacteria, fungi and viruses including coronavirus. It's simple to use, just activate the aerosol can and leave in the enclosed area for 20 minutes. The propellant inside the aerosol emits a fine mist of the powerful disinfectant and sanitiser which quickly provides full coverage to all surfaces in even the most hard to reach places. The mist protects all surfaces including any door handles and light switches and reduces the risk of contamination in high traffic area. Ideal for a weekly deep clean as the disinfectant continues to work after application. Leaving the enclosed area scented with pine, it evaporates in minutes killing bacterial, fungi and viruses as it dries, leaving no sticky residue or staining. Also an effective deodoriser. Gives a coverage of approximately 100m3. Manufactured to British standard certificates EN14476 virucidal, EN1276 bacteriacidal and EN1650 fungicidal. Suitable for any enclosed area such as offices, reception areas, meeting spaces, dog grooming salons, veterinarian premises, equine premises, equine transport and kennels.

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