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Boswellia Powder 1kg Horse Herb Supplement


Boswellia Powder 1kg horse herb feed supplement is sometimes referred to Boswellia serrarta as is obtained from the gum resin of the Boswellia serrarta tree.

Boswellia Powder 1kg horse herb feed supplement is sometimes referred to Boswellia serrarta as is obtained from the gum resin of the Boswellia serrarta tree. Also known as frankincense is useful for joints, movement and mobility and the musculoskeletal system in general. Even with long term use it is not thought to have long term implication or side effects. Boswellia is relatively gentle on the gastrointestinal track and in fact is often used to aid digestion and provide colonic support. Boswellia powder acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for horses.

Dosage Ponies 10g twice daily

Dosage Horses 15g twice daily

Dosage Horses over 700kg 20g twice daily


Equine Herbs & Supplements Subscription

Equine herbs and supplements have grown in popularity over the last 10 years with more and more horse owners reaping the benefits of these natural products. Many horse owners have seen impressive even ‘life-changing’ results for their best friend with the introduction of herbs and supplements into their diet. To make sure you never go without – has created a subscription service which delivers a regular supply of your favourite herbs and supplements. The service can be modified to suit your particular frequency of delivery, it includes all delivery costs and overall gives you the owner peace of mind that you will receive a regular supply of your chosen supplements.

  • Peace of mind
  • Professional advice and support
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Delay deliveries or reorder popular products
  • Put your horse’s health first

Subscriptions Available

  • Every Month
  • Every 6 Weeks
  • Every 2 Months
  • Every 3 Months
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Sharon Hastie

My horses are doing really well on this product. The service is really good. Thank you


Sharon Hastie

Very good quality product. My two horses have definitely benefitted. Good customer service too

Boswellia powder

Philippa Devonald

Good product at a good price



My boy has been on this supplement for approx 8 weeks now and the difference is quite noticeable! Much more supple, more free moving in schooling and he eats it with no issues at all. Plus the price is amazing! Highly recommended!

Great product

Karen Gray

Great product hopefully will help my horses joints only been using a week so far

Boswelia powder

Nicola Hughes

My horse was diagnosed with arthritis in her both front legs last year. After a lot of research I found this product the best for her. Would not go back. She looks a lot more comfortable and back too her old self.

Boswellia powder

Ms Patricia Haisman

Regular delivery helps me keep my horses in tip-top condition. Product quality is a bit variable, sometimes it is very lumpy.

Boswelia powder


Cannot comment on the efficacy of this supplement as my horse has only been on it for three days so it is too soon to tell. That said, he ate it without a fuss, which was a bonus!

Boswells powder

Catriona Gilchrist

Very good product.

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