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Verm-X Poultry Hen Herbal Parasite Repellent Pellets

£9.99 - £19.99

Verm-X Poultry Hen Herbal Parasite Repellent Pellets 250gl are 2mm in diameter and mix well into regular manufactured feeds or home made feeds.

Verm-X Poultry Hen Herbal Parasite Repellent Pellets 250gl are 2mm in diameter and mix well into regular manufactured feeds or home made feeds. Produced under licence by Gro-Well Feeds Limited in Wiltshire brings over 35 years' of feed production experience. All ingredients are natural and non-GM and the pellets are produced in one of the UK's only low temperature pelleting facilities to avoid damaging the ingredients during production. Verm-X for Poultry, Ducks and Fowl is packed in sizes including sensible amounts for the small flock owner. We have many valued clients with flocks of 3 or 4 hens or just one friendly duck. Being 100% natural, Verm-X has the added advantage of having no egg withdrawal period.

Verm-X Poultry Pellets ingredients include: Sunflower oil, seaweed meal, allium sativum (garlic), mentha piperita (peppermint), thymus vulgaris (common thyme), ulmus fulva (slippery elm), galium Aparine (cleavers), cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon), picrasma excelsa (quassia), foeniculum vulgare (fennel), urtica dioica (nettle), capsicum minimum (cayenne.)

I keep Geese; can I use Verm-X on them? Yes, both Verm-X Poultry formulations are designed to be used on all Poultry and Fowl including Geese. Due to the body weight difference we would recommend that double the amount of product is fed over the same 3 days.

I keep my Poultry on an Organic Farm, would Verm-X be OK to use? Yes, in November 2010 the Verm-X Smallholder range gained approval for use in organic systems following assessment by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd.

My chickens never leave the garden, do I need to worry about using your product? Chickens are just as at risk as other animals, particularly if they are kept in more free range environments than battery hens. Sources of intestinal challenges can be from contaminated soil or bedding, earthworms, insects, wild birds and other animals. It is also very important to be aware that a key way for a challenge to be introduced into a flock would be when purchasing or adopting new birds.

Can I carry on eating my hens eggs whist using Verm-X? Being 100% natural when feeding Verm-X you can continue to enjoy fresh eggs every day, no wastage.

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Julie Heap

First rate, easy to use and the chickens enjoyed pecking at it

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