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First Aid

Accidents can occur easily, and for many horse owners they will have to administer some form of first aid for their horse at some point. Horses are prone to injury whether they are being ridden or are in the stable, so it is important to have a first aid stockpile in case of emergency. Small cuts or grazes need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid them becoming more serious issues, which is why it is important for horse owners to know the basics of horse first aid. In order to prevent serious illness or injury, horses should be properly checked daily as part of a routine so professional help can be sought if something is out of the ordinary. Our horse first aid range offers products to help in a multitude of situations ranging from small cuts to faecal worm egg count kits or digital thermometers to detect a fever or temperature. These products are helpful when it comes to monitoring your horse’s health and ensuring it receives the care it requires in the case of illness or injury.