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Coat, Mane & Tail Care

Horse grooming has many different advantages which run much deeper than just making your horse look clean. Regular grooming sessions can keep your horses skin and coat healthy and reduce the chance of skin diseases or problems such as thrush or scratches. Due to the horse being regularly cleaned it is unlikely to chafe either, which makes the horse feel more comfortable. Whilst grooming you may also be able to locate problems on your horse such as cuts or swelling, or a general change in your horses mood which can be linked to external factors such as not exercising enough or travelling large distances in a box frequently. Finally, regular grooming gives you a chance to bond with your horse as it is personal time where you are caring for it, this can have knock on effects which include your horse being more willing and cooperative when riding or training. At Wormers-Direct we care about your horses health and your bond with your equine companion, which is why we offer a few different types of grooming products to help you keep your horse looking fresh and feeling healthy. Ranging from combs to conditioners, our grooming products are sure to help you build a more personal bond with your horse whilst also looking after its needs.