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Horse Wormer Test & Treatment Complete Package


Sign up to our complete test and wormer package for year-round strategic worming of your horse. Included in the package is a faecal egg count kit, saliva tape worm test, along with free postage and 48 hour turnaround of results.

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Sign up to our complete test and wormer package for year-round strategic worming of your horse. Included in the package is a faecal egg count kit, saliva tape worm test, along with free postage and 48 hour turnaround of results. Results will be distributed via email together with any recommendations for worming from our resident SQP. Where no wormer is required we will apply a strategic worming plan in place to be followed up in the following season.

The package offers complete peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your best friends’ health needs are met. You will receive 1 to1 advice from a qualified and AMTRA approved equine SQP alongside speedy delivery and supply of high quality products.

  • Peace of mind
  • Professional advice and support
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Delay deliveries or reorder popular products
  • Put your horse’s health first

In this Horse Wormer Test & Treatment Package you will receive the following:

  • 1 x Faecul Egg Count Kit (Test kit & Return Postage Label)
  • 1 x EquiSal Tapeworm Test Kit (Test kit & Return Postage Label)
  • Expert Advise from our team of SQP's on return of Faecul Egg Count from the Labratory 
  • 1 x Horse Wormer to resolve test findings or new Faecul Egg Count Kit & Tapeworm Test Kit to use again in 3 months time. 

After your horses test results have been returned to our expert SQP's they will analyise the results and decide the best course of treatment if required and call you to discuss what Horse Wormer they are going to post out as part of the package. Or if your horses are free of eggs they will send out a further test kit to use in 3 months time for a rest. 

Why it is important to test for Faecal Worms ?

Faecal Worm Egg Count Kit is a worm count which is really a worm egg count. A small sample of dung is examined in the laboratory to find out how many worm eggs are present. We send you the kit including all you need to take the sample along with a prepaid envelope with which you send the sample back to us. We will then analise the results and contact you to formulate a worming and testing stratergy. It is important to realise the uses and limitations of a worm count before taking the decision to reduce your worming programme. An initial test will determine the level of eggs present at that time. It will not show encysted small redworm nor the level of tapeworm or pinworm burden so you should use the result as a guideline for your treatment and testing stratergy. This is where our expert help comes in to assist in your decision making. There is no charge for this service. You will feel much more confident after a series of counts when a picture of your horses' internal health begins to emerge. Taking worm counts is an important part of animal care to enable wormers to be used responsibly but we do reiterate that you must take care when using the results to plan your worming stratergy.

Why it is important to test for Tapeworms ?

It is common for horses to be diagnosed with tapeworm infections in their first test despite regular anticestode use. In these cases, annual or 6 monthly treatments have not been effective at maintaining a healthy balance, resulting in chronic infection broken briefly by anthelmintic dosing, only for infection to reoccur. It is important to be diagnostic-led and consider targeting doses more often to help break the tapeworm life cycle, decrease pasture contamination, and therefore reduce the horses risk of reinfection. This strategy, together with good pasture management, can help to prevent chronic infection and enables more efficient management of tapeworm infections. When taking a saliva sample make sure that your horse has abstained from eating for 30 minutes prior to the sample being taken Even picking up a few morsels of hay from the floor can be enough to effect the result We have a video here which shows just how to take the sample for tapeworm testing.

Horse Wormers offered on this package:

  • Equest
  • Eraquell
  • Strongid-P
  • Eqvalan
  • Animec
  • Noromectin
  • Pyratape P
  • Equimax
  • Novopraz
  • Equest Pramox

Subscription Coming Soon

You can sign up to this product on a subscription basis and forget about the worry of having to keep purchasing test kits and wormers. We will simply send out a test each few months and call you to discuss the findings when we have them and what Horse Wormers we will use each time if required. Giving you the confidence to know you horse is in the best of health. 


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