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Global Herbs Rigcalm

£40.00 - £170.00

Global Herbs Rigcalm is Calms Geldings & Stallions

Global Herbs Rigcalm is Calms Geldings & Stallions RigCalm is designed to support the management of excitable male horses. This calming formula works quickly and is particularly useful for colts, stallions and geldings who display too much interest in mares. RigCalm promotes relaxed and good behaviour, assists performance and handling and helps to reduce aggressive behaviour. Contains chelated (easily absorbed) magnesium and potassium. Suitable for long or short term use. Do not use in stallions intended for breeding in the same year.

Benefits THE HORMONAL SUPPLEMENT FOR RIGGY GELDINGS Blend of Agnus Castus and calming herbs and minerals Reduces excitability For stallions and geldings Powerful combination of calmer and hormonal supplement

KEY INGREDIENTS Agnus Castus Magnesium Pointed Gourd Ingredients Chaste Berry, Chelated Magnesium, Chelated Potassium, Kerela, Amla

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