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Top 5 Horse Herbs

Posted by Wormers-direct on 26th Feb 2021

Top 5 Horse Herbs

Horse herb supplements are often a fantastic way to help keep your horse healthy and happy, and have been known to boost your horses health and immune system to keep them in peak condition. We stock a wide variety of horse herb supplements on our website all serving unique purposes for our customers to choose from.

To make your decision easier we have narrowed our extensive horse herb supplement range down to our top 5 most popular products! We offer a subscription service for all these horse herb supplements to ensure that you won’t run out again, with a monthly and quarterly plan available.

Boswellia Powder

Boswellia Powder is known for its highly effective results when it comes to treating joint pain, but a largely overlooked benefit of this superb herb supplement is the fact that it also improves digestion in your horse. The general support that Boswellia Powder provides for your horse’s musculoskeletal system helps with their joints, movement and mobility making it an ideal all round anti-inflammatory horse herb supplement. Despite all these fantastic benefits, Boswellia Powder is known to have little to no side effects, allowing for prolonged use if you are dosing your horse correctly according to their weight and age.

Clivers and Marigold

This highly effective horse herb supplement is known for having multiple health benefits for your horse, including its excellent blood cleansing properties thanks to the rich sulphur content. Clivers and Marigold also helps aid urinary infections such as cystitis and enlarged lymph glands thanks to its Clivers and Calendula content, giving an added dimension of health care for your horse. As this herb supplement is mildly diuretic, it is also good for treating windgalls or filled legs. Clivers and Marigold is particularly effective for fretful horses, thanks to its digestive calming properties helping particularly panicky horses remain calm.

Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus is primarily known for its calming and soothing effects helping to control mares hormonal cycles prior to their “season”. The herb supplement does this by balancing the mares hormones and ensuring they are not misbalanced. Agnus Castus has also been known to be effective for treating mares suffering from performance problems during estrus. The whole endocrine system is given support when this horse herb supplement is supplied, making it an effective all-round product that is worth keeping a stock of. Agnus Castus can also be a natural way to treat Cushings, as the herb supplement reduces levels of certain hormones which then lessen the clinical signs of Cushings disease.


Cinnamon is one of the most simple yet effective horse herb supplements that we stock, with its benefits making it a perfect treatment for a variety of issues. The main use of Cinnamon is to encourage weight loss in overweight horses as the herb supplement doubles up as a palatability aid to help obese horses eat healthier and stick to their weight loss programmes. Cinnamon also maintains balanced blood glucose levels to ensure your horse won’t begin feeling faint if they are eating less than they are used to. To complete the full range of care, this horse herb supplement also supports healthy digestion to ensure that your horse is extracting all the essential nutrients and minerals from the food and herbs they are digesting.

Devils Claw

If your horse is suffering from musculoskeletal issues, Devils Claw is the perfect horse herb supplement to treat that thanks to the anti-inflammatory support it provides that. This herb supplement is so effective that the support it provides has been likened to cortisone and phenylbutazone, proving just how powerful it can be. Most forms of swelling will be reduced when this product is applied, ensuring that your horse can move freely and isn’t restricted by joint or mobility issues.

As previously mentioned, we do run a subscription service on all horse herb supplements that we stock, with savings of up to 10% available depending on the plan you pick!

If you would like to learn more about the herb subscription service or have any general queries about your horses health, you can speak to our team on 01423 332134 and we will be happy to help. You can also email us at, we are always on hand to help keep your horse healthy.